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Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780–1840 [ISSN 1748-0116]

Issue 23 (Summer 2020)

The latest issue of Romantic Texutalities focuses on ‘The Minerva Press and the Literary Marketplace’ and is guest edited by Elizabeth Neiman and Christina Morin. This issue will comprise 13 essays, an update of the English Novel, 1800–1829 and 1830–1836 bibliographies, and 15 book reviews. Continue reading


Issue 22 (Spring 2017)

Celebrating its twentieth year, Romantic Texutalities, Issue 22 (Spring 2017) features a Special Issue dedicated to ‘Four Nations Fiction by Women, 1789–1830’, guest edited by Elizabeth Edwards, and comprising eight articles. Alongside these essays are a report on the Popular Romanticism website and eleven book reviews. Continue reading


Issue 21 (Winter 2013)

Following an extended delay after migrating to a new platform, Issue 21 of Romantic Textualities offers the first of two special issues dealing with ‘Romantic Visual Cultures’, which will continue into Issue 22. These twin … Continue reading


Issue 20 (Winter 2011)

Following an unexpected and protracted delay, the current issue of Romantic Textualities brings into focus further interactions between Romantic literature and contemporary print culture. The two articles and one report offer illuminating explorations into the … Continue reading


Issue 19 (Winter 2009)

Following a slight delay, the current issue of Romantic Textualities continues to expand its remit by providing a wide range of materials, which engages with various intertextual and print-cultural aspects of the Romantic period. The … Continue reading


Cardiff Corvey: Reading the Romantic Text [ISSN 1471-5988]


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