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Post: Frankenstein and Fantasmagoriana, Story 3: La Tête de mort

The third story in Fantasmagoriana is a personal favourite. While the influence of ‘La Tête de Mort’ on Shelley’s Frankenstein is minimal at best, there are several intertextual tidbits related to this story that are … Continue reading

Post: The Rise and Fall of the Silver Fork Novel

Erin Johnson is in the fourth year of her DPhil in English at the University of Oxford. Her thesis examines representations of masculinity in the Brontës’ early writing and mature work. She’s also submitting BELLADONNA, a … Continue reading

Post: Teaching Romanticism XI: Percy Bysshe Shelley

by Daniel Cook As part of this ongoing series on Teaching Romanticism we will consider the ways in which we lecture on and discuss individual authors, whether during author-specific modules or broader period surveys. I … Continue reading

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