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Introducing our new Digital Editor: Andrew McInnes

Romantic Textualities is delighted to announce that we have appointed Dr Andrew McInnes (Edge Hill University) as our new Digital Editor, whose role will be to oversee and expand the journal’s offerings beyond the numbered instalments, principally our blog and social media accounts, as well as a possible podcast series.

Portrait of Andrew McInnesAndrew is Reader in Romanticisms at Edge Hill University, and Co-Director of EHU Nineteen, Edge Hill’s Research Centre in 19th-Century Studies. From 2020 to 2022, he was an AHRC Early Career Researcher Leadership Fellow on The Romantic Ridiculous project, which aimed to take Romantic Studies from the sublime to the ridiculous by looking at the funny side, both ha-ha and strange, of Romantic writers then and their legacies today. He has published widely on Romantic period women’s writing, gothic fiction and children’s literature, and will be guest editing our next (Autumn 2023) issue of Romantic Textualities, in which ‘Romanticism Goes to University’. You can find him on Twitter as @drbeard79.

And a few words from Andrew himself:

I am delighted to join Romantic Textualities in the new role of Digital Editor. I look forward to experimenting with ways to develop the blog, building on the excellent ‘Teaching Romanticism’ series with new threads looking at ‘Romanticism in the News’ and, collaborating with Elizabeth Edwards, a series called ‘Texts and Textualities’ exploring new approaches to close reading, editing and other issues in Romantic Studies. I also hope to launch new series on digital approaches to Romantic Studies and decolonising the discipline. Later this year, we will be reflecting on the first 25 years of the journal, taking a moment to think about how the field has developed over the last quarter of a century, and projecting into the future.

If you are interested in contributing content for any of our blog series or have ideas for other ways in which we could support the Romantic Studies community online, please contact Andrew by emailing Digital@romtext.org.uk.

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