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Introducing our new Reviews Editor

The new year is ringing in further changes at Romantic Textualities, and in this spirit we are delighted to announce our new Reviews Editor: Barbara Hughes-Moore. Barbara takes on the mantle from Dr Katie Garner, who has served as Reviews Editor since 2012, and for whose excellent work we have been truly grateful. Barbara will be working with our reviewers and liaising with publishers in ensuring that the Reviews section of Romantic Textualities continues to be as rich and responsive as it has been in previous years.

We thought we would leave it to Barbara to introduce herself to our readers herself:

I’m a fourth-year PhD student at Cardiff School of Law and Politics. My academic research interests include criminal legal theory, Law and Literature, and a troubling fascination with doppelgängers that I’m currently turning into a PhD. My thesis explores how doubles in Gothic fiction can be used as a new way of reading problems of proof in mens rea, the mental element of a criminal offence.

When I need time away from writing said thesis, I like to take a break, which takes the form of even more writing, everything from short stories to flash fiction to that book I’m definitely going to finish one day. Over on my blog I tend to discuss and over-analyse literature, cinema and television in my ongoing quest to forge a connection between my interest in films and fiction with the research of my academic alter-ego.

You can find my ramblings and ruminations here: thelawlass.wordpress.com.

If you’re interested in reviewing for the journal, you can contact Barbara by emailing Reviews@romtext.org.uk, and you can find further information by visiting our Instructions for Authors and List of Books Received.

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