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Resource: The English Novel, 1830–1836

Acknowledgements The Anglo–German co-operation underlying this project has greatly benefited from generous support given to the two main research centres at Cardiff University and the Universität-Gesamthochschule Paderborn. The Cardiff team, based in the Centre for … Continue reading


Article: Gothic Bluebooks in the Princely Library of Corvey and Beyond

Peut-être devirons-nous analyser ici ces Romans nouveaux, dont le sortilège et la fantasmagorie composent à-peu-près tout le mérite, en placant à leur tête le Moine, supérieur, sous tous les rapports, aux bisarres élans de la … Continue reading


Report: ‘The Absolute Horror of Horrors’ Revised: A Bibliographical Checklist of Early-Nineteenth-Century Gothic Bluebooks

I The following checklist provides bibliographical details of 217 gothic bluebooks scattered throughout twenty-one national, academic, and private libraries in the British Isles, North America, and Germany (Fürstliche Bibliothek Corvey, North Rhine Westphalia). In its … Continue reading


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